Minimize diversion risks with proper operational statistics
Most airlines are data rich and information poor
Receive hands on support to implement fresh ideas into the daily operations
Turn your data into meaningful information


Consulting and Business Process Improvement:

Consulting services are provided by our Team of Experts to assist airlines with business process improvements for increased fuel and operational efficiency in the following areas:
  • Operations Control
  • Flight Dispatch
  • Information Technology applications
  • Flight Operations
  • Maintenance & Engineering
  • Ground Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Performance measurements

Fuel Management Information System:

It is essential that the airline develop an accurate, real-time fuel management information system to compare all of the plan data with the actual operational data and establish measurements along with benchmarking of the operation. It is also critical to track all aspects of fuel usage and develop statistics on extra fuel optimization, taxi times and taxi fuel, over-fueling, actual flight burns against plan, specific aircraft fuel burn, Pilots performance efficiency and Dispatchers planning and optimization.

TFM has formed a partnership with Smart4 Aviation to develop an industry leading Fuel Management Information System. The system, known as Smart FUEL MANAGER, provides a unique set of tools to monitor fuel usage in relation to all measurable factors. The fuel and operational analysis provided by Smart FUEL MANAGER provides critical information to Flight Crews, Flight Dispatchers and all levels of Management. This insight is provided through interactive, online, near real-time, charts, graphs, dashboards, and drill down capabilities as well as static reports available online or through email.

Fuel Management and Operational Efficiency Training:

The challenge that most airlines face, after having identified Fuel and Operational Efficiency initiatives, is implementing operational and cultural changes.

TFM has designed and developed a program, which encompasses on-site visits to support the implementation of changes along with associated training requirements. The program includes the development of specific tools, which will allow for the monitoring of the implementation progress.