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IT Specialist Outsourcing

Our Clients are supported by IT professionals who can implement project both offsite or onsite. Our company offers the services of developers, testers, business analysts, project managers.

Project outsourcing

Our professionals can support clients outsourcing projects at all stages from requirements analysis to post-implementation support.

Projects are developed according to best practices and management methodology.

Support outsourcing

Our professionals are capable of supporting most IT systems.

Our experts can assist with airlines internal IT systems and provide 24h support using ITIL best practices and guide setup.

Application & data migration

Migrate your on-premises applications and critical data to cloud without impacting your day-to-day operations. Make your company and process truly Digital by replacing legacy IT systems.

Manage Cloud Services & Security

Reduce infrastructure costs by migrating to Cloud. Pay only for what you really need and consume. Enable high availability for you mission critical applications. Use cost-effective data backups solutions. Our experts manage cloud services & security.

TFM main focus is on aviation, which offers a unique opportunity to provide customers with most advanced IT solutions. Digital technologies offer significant savings and reduce the time necessary to provide IT solutions.

IT solutions provided by our experts

  • Portal systems
  • Web portals
  • Mobile applications
  • Reporting applications
  • Business Intelligence  & Data Warehousing
  • Big Data & Data Science

Custom solutions apply to projects where requirements are complex, the vision that has not been yet done and is not specified from the beginning. The client is involved in the development process and can manage changes as required by providing immediate feedback to development team.

Pricing model

Time & Material charging for hourly rate, material purchased and direct expenses

The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.

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Reduced Operational Risk.

Works on secure, robust and compliant cloud infrastructure.

Client-specific security and compliance requirements.

Reduced Operational Cost.

Reduce infrastructure costs migrating to cloud, pay only for what you consume.
Flexible labor allocation adjust team size and competence to your requirements and expectation.

Improve operational excellence.

Reduction in manual processes due to automation. Integrate your operational systems. Build custom solution which fit your need.