Operating efficiently not only saves fuel but also increases safety
Sensitize Managers and Employees to fuel efficiency
Minimize environmental impact of your operation
Fuel management training cost is several times less than one unplanned diversion
Understand how fuel saving techniques can be implemented
Airline Dispatchers have the biggest impact on fuel efficiency

TFM Overview

The price of crude oil has reached historic high levels over the past three years, topping US$140.00 per barrel and the current international political volatility should see prices remain in the range of US$90.00 for the foreseeable future. Supply and demand, currency challenges, and international political events are but a few factors that will affect the price of fuel---all of which are beyond the control of the airline.

Fuel cost remains the single largest expense item for many airlines (at times surpassing Human Resources), accounting for 25%-40% of an airline's total budget.

Because of the sudden price volatility there has been little time to build an efficient infrastructure to monitor and control how fuel is consumed in an airline's daily operations. When the question is asked “Who controls the fuel budget in our airline” the answer usually points to Finance. While Finance handles the bill payments for fuel, they normally lack the expertise to oversee and maximize efficient fuel usage.

With ever increasing competitive pressures and government regulations, operational efficiency is a major challenge for the airline industry. The need to improve fuel efficiency, decrease operational costs and minimize the carbon footprint must be the focus of the industry. It is imperative a proactive plan be developed and implemented to ensure these initiatives become part of the airlines' culture and are adopted into the daily operations.

It is within this frame of reference that TFM Aviation will be of assistance to your airline in minimizing fuel consumption while increasing operational efficiency.

Management Team Members

Captain Marcel Martineau
President and CEO TFM Aviation Inc.

Marcel graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Canadian Military College. His flight experience extends from 1968 when he was a fighter pilot for the Canadian Arms Forces to a successful career with Air Canada, where he was a Senior Captain on Airbus 330 and 340 aircraft. Over his career Marcel accumulated in excess of 18,000 flying hours.

In addition to his line experience and 20 years of work in accident investigation and industrial relations for the Pilots Association, Marcel spent seven years as part of Air Canada’s Management Team, five of which were in the capacity, Manager Flight Operations Fuel Programs and later as Technical Advisor specializing in Cost Index Optimization.

Over the past six years, Marcel has participated in fuel efficiency evaluation at over 50 airlines to assist in identifying areas where fuel savings could be realized. Not only were initiatives suggested to increase overall efficiency, but also he performed onsite work to assist several airlines in the implementation of new operational procedures.

As well Marcel has been involved with numerous projects including writing the IATA Fuel Efficiency Manual on fuel management, teaching Fuel Management and Operational Efficiency Courses, developing an Environmental Gas Emission software tool for Transport Canada Development Centre, and providing consulting services for both Airlines and industry.

Rusty Bell
Director of Dispatch and Operational Control Services

An aviation professional with over 35 years experience in international and domestic airline flight operations, Rusty’s career with Pan American and Delta Airlines included positions of System Manager Flight Operations Technology, Manager Flight Control International Administration and Director Flight Control.

Rusty’s expertise is in the areas of flight planning, flight tracking, air traffic management and operations control and dispatch. Recognized as an expert in operations control and traffic flow management, his proven understanding of the challenges facing the airline industry make him a valued member of the TFM team.

Brian MacCourt
Manager Dispatch Services and Technical Operations

Brian has in excess of 40 years airline and dispatch experience. The majority of his career was spent with Air Canada where he rose to the position of Chief Dispatcher Technical. His vast experience in the dispatch area allows for a quick analysis of operating procedures for this vital area of airline operations which enables Brian to provide timely recommendations to improve efficiencies within the dispatch infrastructure.

Brian has completed a number of assignments assisting airlines to assess the effectiveness of current operating flight planning systems. He is currently assisting IATA in fuel reduction initiatives, and providing direction in implementing these strategies to member airlines. Brian also holds a Commercial Pilot's license with multi-engine I.F.R.

Bill Johnson
Director Systems and Ground Operational Control

Bill brings over 35 years of airline operations experience in every facet of ground operations and airline operations control. After a distinguished tour as a pilot with the US Navy, he worked for Pan American World Airways holding a number of senior management positions, including Director - System Performance. Mr. Johnson also served as Vice President - Airline Operations for the Pan Am Shuttle, responsible for all aspects of ground handling and service delivery. When Delta Air Lines acquired Pan American, Bill transitioned to Delta and was appointed to a number of positions including System Director – Ground Operations, Director – Ground Operations Resource Management, and Regional Director - Ground Operations for the Northeast United States. He subsequently served on the design team, and was appointed the first Managing Director for Delta’s Operational Control Center (OCC) responsible for 2,700 daily operations worldwide.

After retiring from Delta Air Lines, Bill joined Aircraft Service International Group as Vice President of Operations, responsible for the largest into-plane fueling operation in the world.

More recently, Mr. Johnson has worked as an independent consultant contracted with IATA, major industry consulting firms, and a major ground handling service company, focused primarily on airline management, ground operations, as well as overall service quality and reliability.

Bob Pawley
Director of Sales

Bob has an extensive background in sales management and has been involved in the aeronautical industry promoting state of the art systems dealing with operational efficiency, monitoring, and data transmission from aircraft to ground base centers.

Bob has been part of the TFM team for the past five years, coordinating company initiatives and assisting in product development. He has developed numerous industry contacts and is an asset in promoting TFM's business philosophy.