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TFM Fuel Team has worked at more than 70 airlines
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Welcome to TFM Aviation Inc.


TFM, a Canadian company, employs highly experienced industry specialists with over 150 years of experience with major airlines in the fields of fuel management and operational efficiency.

The TFM Team members have participated in operational efficiency business process evaluations at more than 70 airlines and have first - hand knowledge of fuel management challenges facing the airline industry. The Team able is to identify critical operational efficiency issues and develop a strategy to implement changes, which will improve the overall efficiency of your airline.

Whether assisting in developing a strategy to reduce fuel consumption or improving the overall operating efficiency, TFM Aviation has the experience and expertise, to not only to develop a plan but also to execute the project.


TFM will assist your airline in maximizing operational efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, which translates into increased profitability as follows:

  • Performing fuel efficiency evaluations focusing mainly on Flight Dispatch and Fight Operations initiatives
  • Implementing fuel saving procedures and overall operational evaluations while reducing delay costs and improving customer satisfaction
  • Providing training in fuel management and operational efficiency
  • Analyzing IOOC performance and structure
  • Evaluating Ground Services Processes, where most delays occur
  • Performing an evaluation of Maintenance procedures if requested


The true value that TFM team will bring to your daily operations is the ability to implement the suggested changes identified during the operational review process.

We will motivate your staff to embrace the recommended changes to improve the competitive advantage of your airline.

The TFM Team will recommend the best tools to maximize both long-term and short-term financial objectives.

As the airline moves forward in the quest for operational and financial efficiencies, the TFM team will provide the structure and support required to realize these goals.